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Clearance Incense - 50 Packs

Clearance Incense - 50 Packs

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Say goodbye to these scented sticks! Grab a value pack of 50 sticks before they're gone. 

Autumn Breeze - golden citrus, crisp pine, sweet apples, and a touch of lavender

Berry Queer - sweet strawberries, juicy blackberries, ripe raspberries, complemented with vanilla bean and a touch of fizzy champagne

Funeral Flowers - the air is heavy with the scent of carnations, baby's breath, and a touch of rose.

Gay Apparel - deck the halls with freshly washed linens while sugar plums dance around

Jingle All The Way - cool peppermint, blackberries, and musk atop a base of juniper and pine

Midnight Special - intoxicating petrichor blended with palo santo

Mummy's Tomb - resinous incense and raindrops lead down a path of wet pavement to the Tomb

October Gold - freshly baked pumpkins topped with cinnamon and burnt sugar, served with creamy oatmilk

Smoked Apple - smoked woods mingled with juicy apples and a hint of lavender

Tis The Season - rich, fresh cinnamon, slightly sweetened with honey and spiced pears