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Here you'll find our uniquely scented items - all using our own fragrance blends!

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The softest crochet stuffies, the coziest wearables, and fidget toys galore


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I absolutely love the products from Comfortably Queer! Their soaps lather nicely and don't leave you with the ort of tacky or sticky feeling some bar soaps leave behind. The scents are strong enough to cling, but not so overwhelming that you can't wear your favorite perfume as well!

Kelsey B.

Your soap cleans me when I take a shower. They do a really good job cleaning me. The candles have a good smell that fills up my whole house. They use a good wax that goes away slowly and can be used a lot!

Langan, Age 8

Comfortably Queer has been a household staple for the 12 months. I'm in a house of stinky boys, and the cute and amazing smelling soaps have actually inspired my kids to wash more! This company always comes up with new scent and color combinations, and you can tell that their products are a labor of love.

Nicole P.

This company has such unique and wonderful smelling things! And since my sensitive skin can't handle fragrance, I highly recommend trying their Naked soap. Even though there are no scents added, it still smells great and both me and my partners skin loves it! The other smells we are happy to enjoy via their great candles.

Ashley W.