Stubbs Sniffs and Suds is now Comfortably Queer!

Meet The Maker

Welcome to the faces behind Stubbs Sniffs & Suds!

We are a queer couple, with a love for dogs and all things that smell good.

The Main Maker is Stephanie, pronouns she/her/hers. Her partner, Zac, pronouns he/him/they/theirs, comes up with the names and helps come up with the scents!

Stephanie has always had an addiction to candles and other smell goods. She spent most of her young adult years working in some popular candle and body product stores - you definitely know the names of them! 

In 2020, when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, Stephanie had the chance to explore some new hobbies.

Enter: Soap Making Videos. She was OBSESSED. The chemistry! The measurements! The benefits of different ingredients! The COLORS! She spent months studying all she could, and finally jumped in one night. That first batch was a total flop, and honestly - Stephanie would usually have given up. But she was determined.

Candles were much less forgiving, and much more complicated. But she was determined again! Fortunately, Stephanie was able to switch to a much better wax, and found the most wonderful fragrance suppliers when she was ready to tackle these candles!

Thanks for stopping by! We can't wait to work with you.