See us at Mayfest in Lincoln Park May 17-19!

Meet The Maker

Oh hey! I'm Stephanie, she/her, and my partner is Zac, he/they.

Formerly Stubbs Sniffs & Suds, I really wanted to find a brand that I was more connected to. A brand that loudly displayed my Queer and Neurodivergent approach.

Enter: Comfortably Queer. A bright, colorful space for all things cozy and weird. The chance to really lean into sensory needs - specifically, for scent and touch.

As a late diagnosed ADHDer and self-diagnosed Autistic, I tend to collect ALL of the hobbies. Obsessively. Excessively.

Comfortably Queer allows me to fully embrace my creativity, while still existing under a cohesive brand.

Thank you for joining me on this journey! I can't wait to share everything with y'allĀ